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Gold Elliott Wave Count on Daily and Weekly

We are looking at Gold on the Daily chart to see where this market is in the Elliott Wave pattern. First, we examine the tallest peak on the PROFITUNITY AO which we have labeled as Wave 3/3 in August of 2020. Breaking down that leg of the impulse wave on the 60 minute chart shows […]...

Angulation for the Wiseman Bullish and Bearish Divergent Signal Bar

When looking for Angulation on the Bullish or Bearish PROFITUNITY Wiseman divergent bar we are looking for the distance between the signal bar and the Green Line (Lips) of the Alligator.  Bullish/bearish = B/D/B or b/d/b In Trading Chaos 2nd edition we had a method for looking for angulation, where we looked at the price […]...

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