Angulation for the Wiseman Bullish and Bearish Divergent Signal Bar

When looking for Angulation on the Bullish or Bearish PROFITUNITY Wiseman divergent bar we are looking for the distance between the signal bar and the Green Line (Lips) of the Alligator. 

Bullish/bearish = B/D/B or b/d/b

In Trading Chaos 2nd edition we had a method for looking for angulation, where we looked at the price bars angle compared  to the lines of the Gator.  We have updated how to identify and find good angulation in the markets with our Wiseman Bullish/Bearish divergent signals.

The purpose of the B/D/B bar is to find the end of a move and change in direction in the market. Can be small or large change of direction. It is an early signal if you are correct. Many times, it will be the first bar in the change of trend.

The further away from the green line of the PROFITUNITY Gator the more angulation a signal has.  We are looking for the distance between the signal bar and Lips of Gator – in a trend there is more distance than in a correction (there are exceptions). We also look for the peak on the Awesome Oscillator to go with our b/d/b signal and a PROFITUNITY Squat bar.

The B/D/B bar can also be used for initial entry or exit at the end of a trend. 80-85% of the time there will be a B/D/B signal present at the end of a trend of change of direction.

If you have questions about angulation please contact our office. 

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