The Profitunity Trading Group (PTG) has developed a proprietary system of educational materials in the nature of trading stocks and commodities. The educational materials that we have developed for the PTG Home Study Course and Private Tutorials are copyrighted and protected under the United States Copyright Code as well as International Copyright Law and Treaties.

We have made no agreement with any individuals, companies, or websites giving them authorization to copy, share, teach or distribute any of our trading methods. Additionally, there are no authorized representatives of our company in any country or municipality on Earth, other than the four officers of the Profitunity Trading Group Inc. who are recognized on this website.

In addition, there are no individuals, companies, or websites who have been authorized to duplicate, re-write, distribute, or re-sell any of our copyrighted indicators or educational study materials. It is against the PTG company policy to allow any unauthorized distribution of any portion of our study materials by any individual, company, or organization for any reason.

The Profitunity Trading Group does not endorse and will not support any student with any Home Study course or indicator package that has been purchased through a third-party source regardless of the source of these materials. The only approved and verifiable indicator packages are available directly from Profitunity for students of the Profitunity Home Study Course.

If any individual, company, or organization is claiming to be an authorized representative of PTG or is attempting to sell you any PTG software indicator packages, PTG Home Study Course materials, or PTG Tutorial materials, please contact our office so we can forward their information to the appropriate authorities so we can protect and defend our legal copyright.

We are aware of various international organizations that have made attempts to purchase our course in order to duplicate our materials and re-distribute them to their group members, as well as those who have converted our materials to digital format for resale online. Pursuant to International Copyright and Trademark laws, we advise you that Profitunity will continue to take all of the necessary steps to protect our intellectual property rights.

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