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Autogenic Training or AT is one valuable solution to stress. There is no doubt that we are living in stress inducing times. In Europe AT has been is use for decades. Meditation has been a way of learning to cope with worry and calm our minds. 

For many traders meditation takes too much time and too long to take affect for them. Autogenic Training with its 6 lessons and a practice of just 10 minutes 2 times a day provides a fast track to dealing with stress. AT can help reduce blood pressure, relieve headaches, lower anxiety levels and lead to deep restful sleep. 

Each of the six formula works in a specific way to calm the left hemisphere of the brain and allow the right hemisphere, the stronger hemisphere, to access images attached to joy, pain, anger and excitement. Through AT we relax the musculature, calm the breath, access a warm center and a “cool” head

Most people achieve these positive goals in 6 weeks of daily use. All of these lessons can be called on when needed. For traders, being calm while making decisions and monitoring trades is a most valuable tool.


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How long is the course and what amount of time is required each day?

The course is designed to take 8 weeks, with about 1 hour per day of study time.

Do you need a college education to trade?

No, you do not need a college education, I always say if you can add and subtract – that’s all you need!

Do you help traders create a trading plan?

Yes, we work one on one with each client to help create a trading plan that works for their experience level and goals.

Does it work on Forex and Cryptocurrencies?

Yes the methods are applicable to all markets with volume.

Do you help clients with risk management?

Yes, this is a vital part of success, you must follow a risk strategy.

Is your system a black box?

No we are not, and believe that they only work for a period of time.

I see your indicators in many other trading platforms, are the accurate?

Yes and no, many of them have been programmed but we did not author them and cannot guarantee they are
accurate. We provide indicators to our clients that we know are valid and programed by professionals.

Do you supply indicators with the courses or are they an additional fee?

Yes, we give indicators to our clients when they purchase HSC and there is no charge for them. This includes
NinjaTrader, ESignal, Tradestation. CQG has our indicators but there is a fee paid directly to CQG.

What is the average cost a trader will have per month for overhead, and what would that include?

That will depend on the data and software provider. Typically, you can expect between $30.00-$150.00 a month.
There will be a recurring monthly cost for all traders. You need a trading platform, data, reliable internet access
and a trading account.

Do you offer refunds?

No we do not. I do not think anyone can guarantee success in trading, so we do not offer a refund. We will work
with you to help you reach your trading goals.

What are good personality traits of a successful trader?

In a few words, it’s beneficial to be self disciplined, educate yourself in the markets you plan to trade, have a good
sense of humor (able to laugh at yourself), resilient and goal driven, not ego driven. Being able to follow a plan and
the rules is vital to success!

Is a gambler mentality good for a trader?

Not necessarily, it’s okay to be a risk taker, but you must have self control and be able to follow your own trading
and risk management rules. Most gamblers have trouble with this. They like the double down theory and that does
not work in our methodology! If the thrill of losing is just as good as winning, this is not your game.

What if I am risk adverse, is there a way to trade conservatively?

Absolutely, we prefer all clients start out conservatively, and learn how “you trade best” before increasing the risk
and reward levels. The methods can be used in IRA”s Mutual funds, and many of the less risky vehicles.

Can I use this method on options?

Yes it can, but we do not teach option strategies.

How much time do I need to spend per day once I finish the course?

That will depend on the trader and time frames traded. If end of day trader, less than 15 minutes. If you are in intraday
trader it will be as much time as you want! Markets are open 23 hours a day. We suggest not sitting in front of
the computer all day. Make a schedule and stick with it.

Can I share this with my family – children?

Yes, you can share this course work with any family members, we do ask not to resell or share with others. That is
how Profitunity came about- it is a family business, my father taught me how almost 3 decades ago.

What kind of support do you provide your clients, is it email or phone?

Support is provided with each course for 3 months and additional support can be purchased. Emails are answered
within 24 hours, and if email is not sufficient then a phone call will be scheduled. The goal is to answer all questions
as quickly as possible. Support is an important part of learning how to trade.

Is the data costly that I need for trading?

It will depend on what exchanges and markets you trade. Typically you can get data from $30-and up. If trading
futures/commodities you have to pay the exchange fees to each exchange. Ask your broker or look up the exchanges.

What happens when my computer breaks, and I need new indicators?

We will provide the indicators to you if that happens at no cost.

Do you supply indicators when a system does an upgrade to their platform?

Yes we do!

Autogenic Anti-Stress Audio Course
Autogenic Anti-Stress Audio Course

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