The Profitunity Philosophy

At PROFITUNITY we are dedicated to help others to achieve financial independence through a system that was put in place initially by my father, Bill Williams, and that over the decades has been evolving thanks to every student that has used it.

PTG was not the original plan, it all started as a dream of Bill Williams to be a full-time trader. He spent years and years studying and observing patterns in the markets and trading his own and others accounts.

Bill contributes a lot of his early work around the research from different areas and other professionals in the market. To mention a few, R.N. Elliott, Stochastics, Mandelbrot and Fibonacci numbers, The Science of Chaos. Bill took all what he learned that was relevant and started creating his own approach to the markets.

We know that we trade our belief systems, not the market. PROFITUNITY’s goals for our traders is to help them see how they trade the market and to let go of past issues that can get in the way of profitable trading. The psychological approach and mindset of a trader is an important part of being successful in our opinion.

Trading is a psychological journey, not a destination. Many times we just need “a little help from our friends” as the Beatles song goes. Many of our clients do become friends and we want to see them achieve their goals in the markets. Every successful trader we train is a win!

At PROFITUNITY we strongly believe in helping others, and in return we continue to learn and grow and share that knowledge with new traders. The markets have more than enough wealth to go around.

As humans we tend to overcomplicate everything we touch or see. We believe that we can help you see the charts not your beliefs about the charts.

Teaching and trading is a part of the PTG core values and what has built this company to be able to stand the test of time.

Want What The Market Wants! That is the Holy Grail!

“There is a lot less here than meets the eye”(unknown author)

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