Learning the Profitunity way of trading has literally transformed the way I understand myself and the market. The curriculum is easy and fun to follow. Before I found Profitunity, I spent 2 years in “purgatory” – I didn’t make or lose much money, but I knew that I could find a way in which I could be profitable. Justine and Profituny group was the answer I was looking for. Trading now has become fun, exciting, and best of all, anxiety-free. I no longer feel like I did when I was in purgatory. I feel as though my life is just now beginning and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. Thank you, Justine!



Just wanted to thank you for sharing your insights in the market and especially the focus on identifying, understanding and counting the Elliott Waves! What I have learned from the PTG methods has changed the way I look at the market and how I plan my long term trades & hedging strategies. As you know, I am the Treasurer of a large company who is directly responsible for many financial decisions impacting our business operations globally. I feel like I know more about the behavior and characteristics of the market now that I have finished the PTG course work and coaching; PTG market theories and practices have enabled me to make the most prudent decisions for the company and for me personally. Now I can see the market for what it really is, not what everyone thinks it is. Looking forward to a long successful trading journey, thanks again for your ongoing support.



I wanted to learn trading my whole life. More importantly, I wanted to learn to make money both ways, when markets go up and down. Also, protecting my profits was invaluable to me but listening to CNBC or Bloomberg wasn’t enough to learn what I needed. My friend from Wall Street told me about Profitunity and Bill Williams’ fractal trading system, saying this is the only system he knows that actually works and that he took the course himself years ago. I ordered and read “Trading Chaos” and “Trading Dimensions”. Having read the books, I understood the concepts of Elliot Wave, momentum and fractals. The money it cost me to take the internet course was a fraction of what I had to pay for all the other courses throughout the year. Taking Profitunity course was the best thing I ever did.



Three years ago I walked my comfort zone to rediscover the world with PTG’s perspective. In the futures market, I was recklessly ignorant but now have achieved further running-in with the market under the premise of no loss. What PTG gave me was direction and courage. In this process, I feel myself and the market are slowly integrated, and I am gradually stronger and more confident. This will be my lifelong career, and I will achieve a steady profit and eventually realize my dream by increasing or decreasing the number of contracts. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Justine, my mentor and good friend, for your support and accompany all the way. You are my crutch on the road to the distant place, but I can finally put down the crutch and walk side by side with you.



I approached Profitunity to help me become a profitable trader. Justine’s patient style of Private Coaching really brought the books, Home Study Course and markets to life. I have discovered as much about myself, as I have about how the markets work. I feel like I’m betting on myself every day and winning!”



My name is Alex and I would like to express my gratitude to your family for those amazing tools that you have so generously shared! The seed of knowledge that I planted with your help has finally grown! I began to see the world in a completely new way! And it’s not about trading or money anymore! Every new day I wake up in delight and anticipation of endless possibilities! I smile at the world – and he smiles back at me! Everything works for my good and everything teaches me! This indescribable, dizzying feeling of living in the present! I love your family! Thank you so much!



In 2018 I took coaching by Justine. What have I had before? I didn’t have a system trading and didn’t have a profit on the markets. Though I read books Trading Chaos but I didn’t have results. All it changed when Justine teached me how to define wave patterns and how to trade divergent bars. Then I took email support in 2019 and in 2020. It needed me because the markets changed and I can take support from Justine. For all that time we discussed about 100 charts on different markets that interested me. In 2019 my profit on Moscow Exchange (MOEX) is 64% per year. In 2020 45% on Forex. Now I am interested in US stock markets where I can trade only dailys and spend 15 min per day on trading.I am very grateful to Justine for being able to take support and understanding of the market’s behavior!



Dear Justine – Thank you for Home Study Course and continuing support that you have provided during our tutorial sessions. All your efforts as a coach have proved fruitful and now I am an independent confident successful trader who sees the market as a friendly place. I encourage every trader, who wants to be successful in Markets, to learn from Profitunity Trading Group as they will walk you from trader dreaming of success in markets to being successful trader, who understands what Market wants. The approach is based on finding the turning points and entering into the trend at the very start with least risk possible and staying calm and relaxed while trade is ongoing. Wishing health and prosperity to you and all of your graduates and future students.

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