Elliott Wave Count On Daily Australian Dollar/ US Dollar- Forex Chart – PART 2 FOLLOW UP

On this Daily AUS/USD Forex chart we were counting the Corrective wave.  Last week entry we labeled the waves with an A,B, and were looking for the C Wave to break out and take out the low of the A Wave. 

Today that happened, and we are currently in the C Wave down.  Going to a 4 hour chart we can see the internal wave, and it is just at 3 of C indicated by the AO peak being  at its tallest point/peak.  This indicates we have more downward price action to come before this correction is over.  C Waves have 5 waves like an impulse wave, so we will look for those conditions to be met.

The current C Wave is at a 50% retracement of the impulse wave, so it looks like we may see it go down to at least .618 (.7200-.7400 range) before completing C down.

We did have a PROFITUNITY Wiseman Bearish divergent signal to enter a short position before it started to trade back down.  There were also several Fractal sell signals, all below the Gator’s mouth.

We will watch the C wave and look for 5 waves to complete before considering a long position. 

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