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Bill M.Williams, Ph.D.
Founder, RETIRED

Justine Williams-Lara

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Counting Elliott Waves: The Profitunity Way DVD

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Dear Trader,

Are you seeking an approach to trading that teaches you to trade profitably in any market or timeframe? If so, you've come to the right place! The Profitunity trading methods take a holistic approach to trading, integrating chaos theory, technical analysis and psychology into a collection of principles, rules and indicators that can produce consistent and substantial profits for the disciplined chaos trader who follows them.

The Profitunity Trading Group has been teaching and sharing Bill Williams' trading methods with students from all over the world for over 29 years. We have educated thousands of traders from over 60 different countries. After completing the Profitunity Home Study Course, many of our students decide to attend our Private Tutorials. And there are also thousands of traders utilizing what they have learned from our three best selling trading books.

Bill M. Williams, Ph.D. is a leader in the self-education of investors. He first began trading in 1959, and over time, his background in engineering, physics, psychology and integration of mind and body has created a unique way of looking at the markets. Around the world, he is perceived to be at the forefront of trading theory, as well as one of the top visionaries on how to utilize technical analysis to greatly improve his trading results.

Justine Williams-Lara is Bill's youngest daughter. Justine has been actively trading and teaching the Profitunity methodology for over 19 years. She has lectured and taught seminars around the USA and recently completed writing her first book, Trading Chaos: Second Edition, with her father Bill. She has decided to follow in her father's footsteps and make trading education her life, and provides support to new students who are learning to trade as well as those who have been trading for many years.

Bill's first book, Trading Chaos, is world-renowned in the trading industry and his second book, New Trading Dimensions, brought us into the 21st century with the most advanced trading techniques then available to traders. All three books of Bill Williams trading books are international bestsellers, having been translated into over seven languages and distributed worldwide through John Wiley & Sons.

The Profitunity Home Study Course and the optional Private Tutorial are the most innovative and best researched programs in the trading industry, presenting our latest trading methods in a clear and concise educational format designed to move through the material quickly and easily. In addition the materials allows students to move at their own pace, depending on their individual trading experience and level of comfort.

Whether you are here as a first-time trader, or you want to simplify your trading after trying to re-create the wheel, we can help you. By utilizing Profitunity's psychological tools and exercises with our time-tested trading methodology, you will find more profits and more peace of mind. We will work with you to eliminate the emotional rollercoaster caused by trial-and-error learning, as well as assist you to successfully implement our methodology in today's volatile markets.

The Profitunity trading methodology has stood the test of time throughout the old methods of open outcry and telephone orders to the multitude of charting platforms of today. We are the developers of the Wiseman Indicators and the Alligator Trading System which include the Bullish and Bearish Divergent Bars, Trading Fractals of the Elliott Wave, the Super AO indicator, the AC indicator, the MFI, and the Profitunity Alligator indicator.

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"I have been trading for a month now and I made 50% profit on my 10k account. I think I know exactly what you meant by saying that I need to tune in with the market.  For now I trade live only currencies market. I watch closely at waves in the multiple time frames mostly at the peaks of AO in wave 3’s and divergence of 3 & 5 (especially multiple) with fractals and all the rest on all major currencies.  It works beautifully."

- Pawel M. - Poland


"It's been a while since I attend the private tutorial this past June. Starting in August, I traded EURO/USD in my real account and have achieved 32% of return. It might not be a huge return compared to other successful students in PTG but I am still very happy! I start to feel peace in my mind. Stress has been greatly reduced and your mental treatment (Morning Pages) really helps. I want to thank you for guiding me PTG methodology. I feel it is much more than just trading, it is the philosophy of how to live a happy life."

- Peter Z. - Canada


"Trading has been nothing but awesome ever since I went to the Tutorial in Amsterdam last year. The hard work seems to be paying off so far and with the current trends happening 2012 is starting out extremely well already... Your system is just the best ;) Thank you very much!"

- Franz E. - Germany


"I would like to thank you (your father, your family, your Company) for the excellent trading instruments and enjoyable life style that you have invented and shared with us, traders!

- Vitaly T. - Russia


"Thanks for your help. Since my exposure to your trading methods, I have net profits in excess of $200,000. I've hung in there and it's paying off. I just wanted to extend my appreciation to you."

- John T. - Texas


"Hi Justine, Wow what a ride. Things have settled down quite a bit for me. I am trading regularly on my downstairs computer and doing well. You folks have literally saved my life. I do not have to worry about getting fired, losing my house or just going nuts now that I know how to trade. I am setting up an upstairs office and another computer.

I would love to be able to come out some day but am just concentrating on making money and saving some now. Imagine that. Able to save money. Thank you again Bill and Justine. You are life savers!"

- K. Harlan, USA


"The Profitunity methodology is truly amazing. So simple...two ways to get in, two ways to add-on and two ways to get out. If one has good charting software, two eyes, and is not color blind, everything falls into place. And therein lies the challenge... It is in our nature as humans to want to complicate things by twisting and tweeking under the "illusion" that we are in control of events which in due time is a recipe for "failure". Bill and Justine do such an amazing job of addressing this in their workshop through exploration of the underlying nature of the markets and in turn, our relationship with them.

I thank you so much for helping me get "unstuck" and back into the wonderful ebb and flow of trading (and living!). And if I may quote you Bill, "Hang in there and TRUST! ...the market will take care of you if you don't interfere". How true!

- E. Knights, USA


"Your short call on Soybeans during the tutorial was a fantastic call !!!!! Can’t believe how explosive the down move was, and you nailed it perfectly!!!!!!!

Thanks for your wonderful insights, teachings and hospitality and caring with which you welcomed us into your home."

- Dr. Padamsee, USA


"Although the book and DVD series have a lot of very good information, the attendance of the class and getting to ask questions on all the relevant pieces made things a lot easier to go back home and implement all the signals into the daily routine. As you know, I only trade currencies but it has been a very profitable last few weeks, even with all the errors I made (and there were quite a few, but always after the fact that you pick them up and learn from them) and even with all the work I still need to do to figure out some technical issues."

- D. van den Bosch, Holland


"Sin duda tanto el seminario a distancia como el curso presencial de ProfitUnity han redimido mi manera de percibir ese fenómeno llamado mercado, no sólo por la seriedad de sus fundamentos teóricos, de punta a nivel mundial, sino por la calidez y generosidad de sus acercamientos prácticos. Dicha combinatoria es extremadamente difícil de encontrar en estos días donde el miedo y la codicia dominan la mayor parte de los "intercambios".

I just want to share also that I already start trading and I´m more than happy to see its results! : )"

- D. Lagunilla, Mexico


"I'm writing to report my results after my second month of trading. Account $90 K - Account value at market on last trading day of July is $123 K. Many thanks to you both again!"

- Max N., Russia


"Here I am your dumbest trader in all of the world. I still know very little. Yesterday I was up $84,000 and I then took $4,000 out and bought a laptop. It will be ready today. I have added a cell phone so I can more easily hook up. I am still nervous; but I do my morning pages. My friend, once again I thank you for always being there. > p.s. I am up $18,000 in feeder cattle."

- A.R., USA


"I am very impressed with the changes you have made in your home study course. You have raised the bar on every aspect of the program. Especially appreciate the change from VHS to DVD. Although you refer to the small print, it is very readable and the magnifier really makes it easy to see the details you are referring to. This was an area that was very difficult on the videos. You have clarified and amplified the signals so that they are more easily recognized and applied. The whole program is a paradigm shift from your last effort. Please give yourselves a big hug and pat on the back from me. Job well done!"

- J. Staples, USA


"The people at Profitunity provided me the tools and support needed to discard preconceived notions and advance to higher levels of trading.  The program is not a magic wand, and it requires work and focus.  Ultimately, that focus allows traders to understand what the market wants, act accordingly, and make profitable trades. Despite some rocky patches getting started for the first six months, my account has grown by 425% over the last twelve months."

- D. Atkin, USA


"After attending the Tutorial last October and starting out with about $24k, I have done very well. Earlier this week I closed out a Wheat contract that has put me over the $100k mark in cash in my account. So in just less than 8 months I have made over 300% return on my money. It was certainly unbelievable at the time and I would never have guessed I would do this well in such a short period of time."

- D. Todd, USA


"The Profitunity method makes complete sense, it disregards the noise and distractions of the marketplace, and it uses the best of Bill's indicators to signal trades and exits. You learn all you need to know to safely trade with confidence and fun.

The results are clear - in slightly more than two weeks since completing the Private Tutorial, we have closed 6 successful trades netting $36,304, with losses on 5 contracts totaling only $3179 - all the profit isn't in, I'm still trading 3 winning contracts that I haven't closed yet. The losses (still profitable, in my mind) are due more to my learning curve than problems with the method. But even with that, a better than 10:1 profit ratio is incredible - I've never seen results anywhere near this with other methods. One of the very best things about this is that, without fail, Bill and Justine are available to answer questions and give guidance whenever I've asked. I'm having the fun trading I always knew should be there. Failure is not an option!"

- M. Dion, USA

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