The Profitunity Indicators are also known as the Wiseman Indicator set for CQG. The set includes the Alligator indicator, the Super AO MACD indicator also known as the Awesome Oscillator, the Squat Bar indicator, the Fractal trading indicators, the Bullish and Bearish divergent bar indicators and how we interpret and trade market chaos with the RSI indicator.

CQG (Commodity Quote Graphics) has been our preferred charting and data supplier for many years. All of the Profitunity Wiseman Indicators including the Alligator Trading System and Bill Williams Fractal trading techniques and strategies were developed using CQG, and it is the product we use in-house for our own trading.

CQG offers a free 2-week trial to Profitunity Graduates who are considering using CQG for the first time. For more information please email Melody Baker at CQG or call (888) 641-8088.

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