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About Private Coaching

When you are ready to move on to the next level of your trading journey, you will greatly benefit from coaching with Justine in a Private Online One-on-One Tutorial, where we share all of our proprietary trading techniques with you. These include several advanced indicators for entry and exit strategies that are not in the books or Home Study Course (which is a prerequisite to the tutorials) as well as discussion on how we use the Elliott Wave to compliment our trading methods.

Justine will personally work with you to find the strongest trade set-ups and improve your analysis of the markets. The material we share in Trading Chaos and on the internet is only a tiny part of the Profitunity trading arsenal. Signing up for Profitunity online coaching is the fastest way to improve your trading by getting an in depth study of the Wiseman Indicators, Trading Fractals of the Elliott Wave, the Super AO, the Alligator and the MACD Oscillator.

With one-on-one Coaching there is ample time to look at charts, make decisions on trades and learn how to trade in a relaxed manner. The Coaching Program is a learning opportunity that allows an ongoing interaction with a different outlook on yourself and the way you see your trading. Our goal is that you will receive the education and confidence necessary to successfully implement what you have learned.

Justine specializes in working with traders to break through psychological barriers that can keep us from being successful. With a focus on understanding how our belief systems and psychology can impact decision making, she helps to create a risk-free environment to explore and apply the trading techniques for maximum return.

During the Coaching You Will:

  • Learn not only how TO trade WELL but most important - how YOU trade WELL
  • Learn the cutting edge of market research
  • Learn the Fractal of the Elliott wave
  • Plan your Future Trading Strategies
  • Receive Psychological Facilitation
  • Understand the mechanics of the Alligator
  • Learn how to implement the Wiseman Indicators in today's markets

After the Coaching You Will:

  • Ongoing personal support via email for six months
  • Receive Market Overview for six months
  • Be more confident in your approach to trading
  • First access to updated indicators when available

A well-prepared trader, knowing the basic Profitunity techniques allows us all to make more progress while you are here! When you join us for your Private Tutorial, we want you to feel welcome in an environment that supports you as a trader. While you are here you may be placing your first trade, or your 500th. For us, that trade is the most important one of the day.

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Hi Justine, Wow what a ride. Things have settled down quite a bit for me. I am trading regularly on my downstairs computer and doing well. You folks have literally saved my life. I do not have to worry about getting fired, losing my house or just going nuts now that I know how to trade. I am setting up an upstairs office and another computer.

I would love to be able to come out some day but am just concentrating on making money and saving some now. Imagine that. Able to save money. Thank you again Bill and Justine. You are life savers!

- K. Harlan, USA