Anti-Stress Autogenix Training Program

Is STRESS taking the FUN out of trading?

Take a 10 minute vacation with the Anti-stress Autogenic Training program!

You know how to relax. Stress made you forget!

Very few people who function in today's marketplace are able to avoid stress. And stress causes many, if not most, of the mental and physical problems faced by busy men and women.

Are you TIRED of being TIRED?

Stress has been named the cause of high blood pressure, chronic headaches, certain types of asthma and allergies as well as other diseases. Stress clinics teach a number of disciplines that attempt to alleviate stress including biofeedback, meditation, yoga and other kinds of exercises.

The Anti-Stress program is based on Autogenic Training, a system of stress reduction that has been in use in Europe and England since the 1920's. This remarkable system, developed by Dr. Johannes Schultz is ideal for goal oriented people. Schultz found that hypnosis alleviated many conditions but he wanted his patient to have a means of stress reduction that put them in charge.

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and receive nine 10-minute exercises.

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"Trading is going well. I'm trading better and better everyday. And its not that I'm understanding the system better or making huge amounts of money. It's that my head is clear. I'm calm and calculating. No emotions, no fear. I sit and think how far I've come over the last 2 years. From the emotional, impulsive, greedy, and terrified trader I was. Once again, the turning point was to discover a system that I could trust, implicitly. A system that gave me the right tools to anticipate market direction, instead of the equivalent of measuring a volume of water with a ruler! With in place it allowed me to work on the issues that were holding me back. Thanks again to you and your father."

- M.W. - Australia