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Profitunity Trading Group has three books in print available to traders worldwide; Trading Chaos, New Trading Dimensions, and Trading Chaos: Second Edition. Each of our three trading books is a domestic and international best-seller. Trading Chaos: Second Edition has been the #1 trading book featured in both Stock & Commodities Magazine and on their website Traders.com. Our latest book, Traders Troubleshooting Tools is currently only available as an eBook.
"...it will also introduce you to the latest findings in physics and psychology as applied to various markets--stock, bond, futures, indexes, and many others."
"In this groundbreaking book, Bill Williams, a seasoned trader at the forefront of this dynamic new trading approach, explains exactly what it is, how it works in current stock and commodity markets, and how to use it to your advantage."
"This book, Trading Chaos, takes chaos analysis out of the realm of the abstract and makes complex concepts easy to understand and use."
Bill Williams' book of Trading Aphorisms, Quotes and Trading Tips available on Amazon Kindle, Nook, iBook, Kobo

Trading Chaos, New Trading Dimensions, and Trading Chaos: 2nd Edition have been published in many other languages including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and various other eBooks.
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